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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Somethings racing other things not

Hello and welcome to my Blog. Easy publishing on the world wide web. Glorious isn't it? This actually my first post. Below and in the archives are some articles I had created last year, commenting on the state of Formula 1 in 2003. I have actually been waiting to publish them but never really got around to it.

I actually found by accident. What I really wanted was a beta gmail account. But they seem to have removed that link. But never mind. At least I got some place to put all these articles in.

So here it is and from now on there will be more frequent commentry on racing and some other things not connected to it. Most of the racing commentry you see will relate to Formula 1 but it won't always be the case I assure you. I have been a racing fan for the last 20 years and I certainly think there is life away from Formula 1.

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